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Our mobile oil changing service follows an easy-to-use procedure. You must first schedule an appointment via our mobile application or website. After you make a reservation, our licensed professionals will show up at your location at the appointed hour with all the tools and oil they need. The oil change will then be done immediately while you unwind in the comfort of your house or place of business.

We cover a broad spectrum of places in Toronto and the communities that surround them. When making a reservation on our app or website, just input your address to see if we provide service in your area.

Cars, SUVs, and vans are among the many types of vehicles that our technicians can service. We provide coverage for vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel, whether imported or domestic.

We utilize premium oils that either meet or surpass manufacturer specifications, sourced from reliable sources. Our range of oils includes complete synthetic, synthetic blends, and conventional oils to provide your engine with the best protection and performance.

At the moment, we provide exceptional oil change services. However, we may offer additional maintenance services in the future. Stay tuned for updates through our app or website.

The duration of an oil change depends on various factors, including the type of vehicle and the oil being used. On average, our technicians can complete the process within 30 to 45 minutes. Rest assured, we work efficiently without compromising quality.

Our first concern is always our technicians' and customers' safety. We adhere to stringent hygienic practices, which include donning masks and gloves, cleaning tools, and, if feasible, keeping social distance. To guarantee a secure servicing experience, our technicians also go through routine health examinations.

Of course! You can make appointments for more than one vehicle at a time using our booking system. When scheduling the appointment, just let us know how many cars you will be picking up and their specifics, and we'll take care of the rest.

We accept different payment methods, including mobile payments and credit/debit cards. Our website or app securely processes payments, giving you a hassle-free experience.

We are aware that plans sometimes alter. Just log in to our app or website and adjust your booking if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. For the sake of our scheduling arrangements, we request that any change in appointment be made with at least 24 hours' notice.

Yes, you can indicate which type of oil you like during the booking procedure. Our technicians will fulfil your request and ensure your car works best with the right type of oil.

We value your pleasure and are open to hearing about any issues you may have with our service. Please use the app or website to contact our customer support team. We will respond to your concerns right away and work to resolve them.

Yes, we are aware of how busy our clients may be. Therefore, we provide mobile oil change service seven days a week, including the weekends and most public holidays. Just schedule your appointment for when it's most convenient for you.

We use ecologically friendly procedures, such as properly disposing of used filters and oil. Our specialists follow all rules and directives to guarantee secure and environmentally responsible disposal techniques.

Yes, on the day of your appointment, you can track the whereabouts of your technician in real time using our app. To guarantee a seamless and open service experience, you'll get notifications and updates regarding their anticipated arrival time.

Yes, we cherish our loyal clients. We offer extra benefits to show our gratitude for their unwavering support. Look for exclusive offers for our devoted customers.

We advise making your appointment a few days before to guarantee your desired time and date. However, we accept bookings made at the last minute as well.

Not a problem at all! You can simply call us and we will walk you through the process of finding the exact engine your vehicle has so that our technicians will be bringing the right oil filter to your work or home.

Our oil changes vary in price, but they go from $65.99 + tax and go up from there. We have a pricing tab to give you an idea of how we price our service, but you can see the price of your service before ordering anything over the app. Feel free to call and ask also.

Of course; we take your cars health to heart at The Oil Change App and would never let your car be a victim of us trying to save a couple dollars. Your car is in danger if the filter is used past its recommended kilometer allotment.

We care deeply about our planet and would never be irresponsible with any waste product. Once the oil is drained out of your vehicle and replaced with new oil we take your used oil to our waste depot to eventually be picked up. We work with local waste companies who take our (and your) used oil to be recycled and eventually turned into new oil and lowering our impact on the planet.

If you order an on demand oil change then we will be at the requested location in no longer than one hour. Once we are there the oil change should take no longer than 45 minutes but many vehicles take about 20 minutes. We can often be at your location quite quickly depending on traffic and our closest service provider.

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